Black Lives Matter 2020

Oklahomans for Equality condemns police brutality and racism in all of its forms. We call on our membership and constituents to speak out and demand justice for the countless deaths of black people at the hands of law enforcement. Once again, these accounts of murderous actions grab the headlines, and elected officials and government leaders promise to change and reform. We must hold our officials and law enforcement accountable, and we must demand that justice be served.

Resist Poster
Kao Morris

" As a queer black native my identity is always viewed as a threat, you can trace it back to slavery or stonewall. Police Brutality isn’t anything new to the community. It’s a conversation that’s long past due."

​-Kao Morris, Digital Media Coordinator and BIPOC Programming Coordinator  Dennis R. Neill Equality Center

"As a Queer Latino man of color, I’m hyper-aware of my mortality, and I’m only 25. Because my reality is that I could be another victim of police brutality, and that keeps me up at night. So every day that I wake up, I’m thankful to be alive and breathing."

- Donovid Sekulits

Donovid Sekulits