2022 Legislative Agenda

Legislative Agenda - 2nd Session of the 59th Legislature (2022)


HB2973 - Authored by Rep. Olsen seeks to protect conversion therapy under the guise of religious liberty. Conversion Therapy, also known as reparative therapy or change therapy, is a harmful practice that does not work. According to a study done by the Trevor Project in 2019, 42% of youth who underwent conversion therapy attempted suicide. Nearly 1 in 3 transgender and gender non-conforming youth have attempted suicide. We should not be legalizing practices that have been condemned by every major medical and psychological organization when our youth’s lives are at stake. We should be affirming our young people’s identities and welcoming them in our state. 20 states have already outlawed conversion therapy. Oklahoma should be moving forwards, not backwards. Call your legislators and protect our kids. Say NO to HB2973

SB1100 - Authored by Senator Bergstrom, seeks to bar transgender and gender diverse individuals from changing their gender marker on their birth certificates. This doesn’t just effect current Oklahomans, but also effects every transgender and gender diverse people born in Oklahoma who hold an Oklahoma birth certificate. Transgender people deserve legal documents reflecting their gender identity. Contact your representatives today and say NO to SB1100.

SB1164 - Suthored by Sentor Merrick, states that there can only be “male” and “female” bathrooms in public schools and that students must use a bathroom that corresponds to their genitalia. Bathroom bills are unconstitutional, and anti-transgender legislation directed at our LGBTQ+ youth has serious impacts on mental health and well-being. Contact your representatives today and tell them NO to SB1164.

SB1249 - Also sponsored by SB1164 author Senator Merrick,  ​similarly seeks to designate ALL public restrooms as only either "male" or "female" and that all people must use the bathroom that corresponds to their genitalia rather than gender identity. SB1249 is an outright transphobic bill with no basis in the constitution. Oklahomans for Equality condemns anti-transgender legislation like this and encourages all consituents to contact their legislators and say NO to SB1249 and all transphobic legislation.

SB1142 - A bill that would restrict LGBTQ+ books from being on library shelves in public schools in Oklahoma. This bill would allow parents to seek out LGBTQ+ positive content and remove it on the basis of it “being inappropriate” for their children. This bill is overtly homophobic and transphobic and seeks to deny youth with positive and affirming recourses. SAY NO to SB1142.

HB3240 - A bill effectively banning medical care, mental health care, and social support for transgender and gender expansive youth. This sweeping bill outlaws health care and therapy for transgender people under 18 and punishes healthcare workers who do so. It also outlaws insurances from covering transition procedures (hormones, puberty blockers). OKEQ condemns HB3240 and asks all constituents to contact your legislators and say NO to HB3240.

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The Equality Act (H.R. 5) - Discrimination is still commonplace for LGBTQ+ Americans. Opponents of LGBTQ+ equality continue to file discriminatory bills in states across the country in an attempt to undermine existing protections in adoption, marriage and access to basic public services and businesses. Full federal nondiscrimination protections like the ones outlined in the Equality Act would ensure that all LGBTQ+ Americans can live, work, and access public spaces free from discrimination, no matter what state they call home. The nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute recently found that national support for the Equality Act is around 83 percent. This is the strongest level of support the bill has ever seen.  We must tell lawmakers that now is the time to pass this legislation.

H.R. 3488; S. 1848 AKA Every Child Deserves a Family Act - The John Lewis Every Child Deserves a Family Act (“Every Child”) would prohibit federally funded child welfare service providers from discriminating against children, families, and individuals because of their religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and marital status. It also ensures that children and youth in foster care receive the identity-affirming, culturally competent care they deserve. In other words, the Every Child Act ensures that no taxpayer-funded foster care or adoption agency can turn away qualified prospective parents or mistreat youth in foster care because of who they are, who they love, or what they believe.​

​To find your legislator and raise your voice about these bills, visit ​www.oklegislature.gov/FindMyLegislature.aspx